Associate members

Associate Membership is available to corporations, non-family associations, and family organisations which are not yet registered charities or are newly constituted.

Morocco: Fragile X Maroc (
USA: National Fragile X Foundation (

Procedures for becoming an Associate Member
Corporations or non-family associations may submit a written application, in English, to the Board, including information on the association and why they would like to be an Associate Member of FraXI. The Board will consider all Associate Membership applications;

What are the Rights and Responsibilities of Associate Members?
1. Associate Members have the right to attend any open forums of a General Meeting (Associate Members may not attend closed sessions of a General Meeting; they do not have voting rights.)
2. Associate Members may suggest projects and other ideas to their country representatives; if there is not a Full Member from their country, they may present ideas directly to the Board;
3. Associate Members will support the Vision and Mission of FraXI, and will be bound by the Statutes of FraXI;
4. Associate Members should reply to queries from FraXI within a reasonable time frame.
5. Associate Members have limited liability and do not link their own assets to the fate of the association.

What are the fees for Associate Membership?
Other charitable organisations: €100
Corporations: €1000