Linus and Jamie are brothers and both affected by Fragile X Syndrome. They both have a great sense of humour, love to spend time at home or go on holidays with the family. They have a close relationship with their younger sister Liv who loves to fool around with them. Their mother says:

"It is important to me to stress that my boys are happy, which makes us a happy family, because society already puts enough focus on everything a disabled person can´t do. Of course there are challenges, sad and stressful moments like in every other family, but these are very well balanced with a big portion of humour, simplicity and light-heartedness.

Sometimes I wonder if life wouldn´t be much more complicated and challenging, if we didn´t have to live with Fragile X, because our boys always want to do the same things, see the same places, eat the same food, which makes daily life much more predictable. But at the same time it helps us focus on more important things.

To me, Fragile X is like a magnifying glass that makes us parents see what really matters in life."